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National Association of Chimney Sweeps

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Rodtech Click 270 x 100 mm Angled Scraper

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  • Model: NACS-B4-1


The 270 x 100 mm (10 inch x 4 inch) flat angled scraper has been specifically designed for the heavily neglected dirty register plate which you will have the misfortune to get called out to clean. Designed by sweeps to fit onto Rodtech Click rods. It has been shaped so that the back edge is 100 mm wide with two further 100mm edges at 30 degree angles. This scraper is designed with its angles so that you can scrape large quantities of soot from register plates and can also scrape tar from chimneys. It is heavy enough that by dragging it along the surface of a register plate, it should not lift over the soot and tar, but will stay seated on the surface and collect large quantities of waste with minimum of fuss. For smaller gaps (particularly round the flue pipe) turn on its side and use this tool as a 100 mm (4 inch) scraper, as you would a hoe.

Rodtech Click products come with a 12 month replacement Warrantee. The warrantee covers all Non-wearable parts and joints on the Rodtech Click range. It does NOT cover misuse of equipment or when the equipment is used with the tile breakers It does not cover parts that will wear with use, such as head inserts (Nylons, Chain and Wire etc) You must read the Rodtech manual for guidance. In the unlikely event you will ever need to use the warrantee, you will be required to return the product to Rodtech or Rodtech Agent before a replacement part can be supplied (subject to being used in accordance with the Rodtech user manual).

The Rodtech Click range offers high quality products designed for power sweeping, manual sweeping (hand sweeping), drain cleaning and duct cleaning via an adapter standard chimney cleaning brushes, drain cleaning ends and duct cleaning brushes can be fitted to the click system meaning that there is no twisting the rods together and them getting locked which makes the sweeping process much quicker. The rods are solid and the ends are crimped to the rods making the best quality available.

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  • Model: NACS-B4-1
  • Manufactured by: Rodtech UK


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Rodtech User Manual

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